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Originally Posted by kenjets36 View Post
The message isn't just that.

These 2 are the team's oldest vets, pretty much. Most experience. Biron is beloved on the team. Ash is respected and regarded around the league.

In place - Talbot and *probably* Miller or Kreider. AV is saying pick your **** up or it doesn't matter how experienced and beloved you are you'll be sent down without even the courtesy of a notice before practice.

They aren't scapegoated. They were made an example of. AV isn't blaming them for their troubles. On most teams there are players that are on the line up for respect and experience purposes. Players that don't necessarily deserve it but the coaching staff keeps to mentor the young, or be good influences on the locker room, or in some hope that their experience comes up when the team needs it the most. Both Ash and Biron could have been held on for those reasons alone while others were cut... Think this is a double edged sword - fear of being cut if you're one of the players and guilt for getting 2 respected vets on your team cut because you didn't start the season off well.

Well played coaching staff. If players don't respond to this, the next rd of cuts will be players that are more noticeably negatively affecting the team results.

That being said, Biron was not doing well these last few years. The team rallied around him - seemed like he'd usually get more scoring support than Hank. He got 1 shot this year before being cut. His play deserved for him to be cut years ago. Again, team held on to him for respect and locker room effect. Losing that will create guilt in a lot of the guys for letting him down. He might retire now.
I disagree with the message sending aspect of it... Asham was always going to be sent down in peoples eyes.. Him and Powe were going to bite the dust at some point. Biron played him self off the team. HE SUCKS! Most years its whatever, but Hank needs rest because of team sweden.

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