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Originally Posted by JoeCool16 View Post
The game needs a lot of infrastructure, as said. If a country can increase the amount of ice rinks and have programs in place for youth hockey, then the game would grow. On top of that, relatively cheap gear has to be accessible. In Canada, companies like Canadian Tire sell full sets of cheaper gear for youth players, which makes it a bit more affordable. If it's hard to find or needs to be ordered, than most players in exotic hockey locales will only be able to afford to play once they reach adulthood, unless they have well-off parents.
I agree with you on all points, especially cheap(er) gear is very important. I don't know how much things costs in the rest of the world, but here in Beijing to buy a pair of skates, several season old ones, Reebok or CCM would cost 2000 RMB(250, US$300).

My guess is that you could probably find a pair of skates, Reebok or CCM that are a few seasons out of date, new on discount, for perhaps 50 or US$75 in Europe and North America.

And also there is a massive second hand market in NA and Europe compared to exotic places, which makes it easier for people that can't afford new gear to play also.

Maybe I should try to import second hand gear from Russia and sell it here? If I can sell second hand skates for 200-500 RMB it's a huge price difference from the Canadian importers here that sells new but older gear for ridiculous prices.

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