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Originally Posted by Edgy View Post
So a shortened season after not playing for 2.5 years and 5 games into the season are a big enough sample for you of how his form and rehab are going? Judge almost anyone on the team by those standards and tell me how they fare off.

The guy was unanimously considered top 10 in the NHL prior to a couple of fluke injuries and now you're ready to write him off so quickly.

Write him off so quickly...I swear I didn't like Markov 5-6-7 seasons ago (not just recently) because I never saw him do anything in the playoffs. Face it...he was never a playoffs dman and NEVER EVER will be and this is why I wanted him gone a long time ago. We're just carrying/keeping him 'cause we're waiting for other offensive dmen to develop (ex: Beaulieu).
And, top 10 for what? The regular season? For sure... a couple of seasons ago (a couple of times or more in his career), but...he will never deliver in the playoffs. Never. This is what bugs me.
For $5.75mil/year you should deliver in the playoffs.
I'm keeping a close eye on Price now in playoffs (but I also have to hope our top players stay healthy).

Who isn't? Last I checked no one in this team really stood out with the exception of handful of players and that just goes to show you the sad state we have been in for the past 20 years.

I beg to differ...PK Subban has given a lot of us hope...he represents what a player should be all about during the playoffs.
Price hopefully will follow (we just need to put it all together starting with the health department...).

Force him to waive his NTC? Force him?!! Are you for real? A player that has shown nothing but heart and loyalty to this team, is 5th in points for a defense-men in the franchise history and you want to treat him like he's Ribeiro?

Force him? Didn't mean to make it sound so literal, so barbaric! Instead...politely ask him...there! That probably sounds better!
(beg if you have to!).
Ribeiro...wanted him out from day 1...was so happy when he left (even if it meant taking Niinimaa).

By those standards you'll need to trade 99% of the team.

Again, I have to disagree.

I'm counting on more than a handful to be playoff warriors...
PK Subban, Gorges (to be a playoff warrior again if he can regain that form or else GTFO!), for Tinordi to be a playoff warrior (with more time-experience/patience/more development,etc). I believe Galchenyuk, Eller, Gallagher will show us again and again that they can be playoff warriors. Plekanec is consistent not amazing but consistent defensively in playoffs.
I think Price can put it altogether...I'm still hoping.
Pacioretty has it in him to be a playoff warrior if he wants. Prust, Moen (for a comeback in playoffs), and more...

BUT...I know exactly what to expect from Markov in playoffs and this is everytime...nothing.

See above.

Show me a better d-man that will cost less than 5mil/year and has a better hockey IQ, skill and prowess of Markov.

Your hate for him is irrational and you're using double standards to judge him while turning a blind eye to the more glaring problems we have on this team.

We may have to get a top 4 UFA dman who can deliver in the playoffs or make that trade if the price is right. A lot of top 4 dmen are better VS Markov in the playoffs...remember that we're talking playoffs VS regular season. I know Markov is good in the regular season but I don't care anymore...he can't do anything when it really counts.

Fact of the matter is, we lose Markov and our defense and special team are significantly weakened. Until Tinordi, Emelin and Beaulieu are ready to take over, you'll be hard pressed to find a better mentor and role model for them.

Many are saying Markov is a great role model...he's so slow and he gives the puck away quite often and he can't even come close to catching the player he gave it away to. And the worst part...he cannot ever play well during the playoffs...great role model.

Great role model?
PK Subban...fantastic during the regular season...fantastic during the playoffs

BOLD: my reply to your post!

Cheers! (maybe I'll take it easy on the Markov bashing since this will go on forever and ever...until the day Markov is not a Hab anymore...waste of time after awhile!).

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