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10-14-2013, 10:58 PM
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People just say "oh well we haven't had a top pick" as if we we have no choice. Rangers management through their own decisions has committed to being a middle of the pack team. We continue to patch holes with aging and/or overpaid stars who come here and disappoint. We continue to ride Lundqvist to 7th place finishes and lose in the playoffs. We continue to draft defense high. We continue to trade away picks like they're Halloween candy.

Being in the middle isn't a curse, it's a choice. Either you're a contender, you're retooling, or you're not doing anything. The Rangers are continually the latter and that's why they never get the forward talent they need.

Also, drafting isn't the only excuse. Plenty of teams lack top 5 picks. I can't think of a single pool of elite forwards that has been as barren as ours outside of maybe some most recent expansion teams.


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