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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Exactly. I was of course concerned about that when the Eakins hire was announced. Could not understand it really. My specific concern is it set the table once again for the players not having to listen to any coach because, well, the coaches are expendable.

None of this is on Eakins either. Its a ****** situation to come into.

That said Eakins bench management is awful. Tonight was the first game of the year where his toi allotments were sane. He rolled back some of the outlandish minutes given to forwards and probably even he realized that RNH and Hall are quickly hitting a wall.

Repeat after me eakins, You can't play forwards 26mins a night in the NHL, you just can't. To add insult to misery he uses star players on pk which has also been blowing up in our face as we had a good pk before. One of the few good things about the club.
Eakins is very guilty of being the type to try things that others just don't do. like roll lines on pk. That can be just asking for trouble. Its why most people just use pk specialty units.

Eakins reinventing the wheel really needs to stop. He's out thinking himself.
They dismantled last year's PK essentially: no Horcoff, Belanger, Petrell, Jones, Lander.
The only guy who is a competent PKer right now is Gordon, maybe Acton.

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