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Originally Posted by SpringfieldSkins View Post
Being a LHS, how would you face off differently vs RHS and LHS. I'd bet a large majority of the centers I face are RHS considering where I am playing hockey.
Dot and zone dictate objectives and strategies. NHL numbers from last season 181 LHS, 85 RHS at center.

LHS vs LHS, O(sticks at 11 and 5) or RHS vs RHS O(sticks at 1 and 7). Basically the quicker draw wins on the forehand(each trying to draw to the forehand).Backhand you have to be faster across the puck and pull back.Scramble or neutralize you have to get to his stick before it gets to the puck.

LHS vs RHS. O(sticks at 11 and 1) or RHS vs LHS, O(sticks at 5 and 7) . In all instances it is a matter of quickness. Quicker to the puck or to the opposing centers stick.

You should be positioning shoulders to your advantage. Closer advantage to what you want to accomplish on that specific faceoff. Also factor in Height, weight, reach, strength.

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