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10-15-2013, 12:03 AM
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I always have thought that people have to consider that things get more complicated when you're using two hands to do something instead of one. I think it's not really useful to compare writing to hockey. Writing is done with one hand. Holding a hockey stick, stickhandling with it, and shooting using the stick are all done with two hands.

I write and throw right-handed. I bat right-handed. I use a right curve stick. I play tennis right-handed I play pool left-handed (which I think makes sense for somebody who shoots with a righty curve). I shovel left-handed (left hand on top). I can only hold a bike well one-handed using my left hand. On skis and skates, I'm better turning to my left. One that I like to bring up in threads like the is that I hold jars with my right and twist caps off with my left.

It's all pretty weird stuff. I maintain that things get complicated when you're using one than one arm to get something done.

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