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10-15-2013, 01:56 AM
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Originally Posted by PricePkPatch View Post
I was wondering, between these two team pillars, which of the two would have the highest potential trade value?
Pleks by far, and it also makes sense. I also think Markov has 3 good years left, maybe 4, as a no 3-4 D man. That would be 2 years in our cup window.

This is my post in the DD thread on trading Pleks at deadline, and explaining why I think DD will be needed for depth next year if that is the case:

Reading all of this and also looking at the trade for a D thread, I realized that there might be a Bergy plan here after all, a plan that would at least partly explain the DD extension, and the Briere pickup:

We have the following centers for at least this and next year, end of which is the start of cup window:

Pleks, Legit top 2, good number 1.
Eller, becoming a legit top 2, can cover as no. 1 for now.
Chuckie, potential number 1 in 2 years, certainly in 3.
Briere, solid no. 3 center this and next year, especially in PO.
DD, OK no. 3 if given big wingers. Works hard.
Bournival, making his case for great no 4, and possible no. 3 next year.

See anything here? It's called redundancy at center. And I think it was intentional. It would explain the Briere pickup, and gambling on DD.

But we needed this year to see if Eller and Chuckie develop, and also Bournival, who may be the final key, to the following:

I think Habs might want to trade Pleks at deadline, for huge value. I think Pleks could get a really good young top 4 D, and a good pick/prospect, from a contender with a lot of good D, no question whatsoever.

That would leave us at C in 2014:

Eller, top 2 D good defensively and getting better offensively. Can cover for one year while Chuckie develops into our no. 1.
Chuckie: Possibly great offensively, with growing defensive responsibility.
One of Briere, DD, or Bournival as no 3 C. and DD/Briere can fill on as no. 2 if needed. Even Bournival could fill in at no. 2 with his speed and D sense.
Bournival, or 4th line C UFA pickup as no. 4 C.

This is still very good C depth. And DD will be needed if injuries. I don't see Habs tanking with this next year as long as Eller and Chuckie and Bournival keep developing as they have been by this year's deadline, and we have Briere or DD able to fill in as No. 2 C when needed.

AND: A great new young top 4 D, leaving us:

Subby and New top 4, big minute youth.
Emelin and Markov, fantastic 2nd pair.
Tinordi, Gorges, fantastic 3rd pair.

Beaulieu, Nygren etc. and UFA dependable big guy to step in.

Seems like a good D with depth to me.

This may have been the plan this year, to see how Eller did, and Chuckie, and if developing well, pull the trigger on Pleks at his Max value with almost no harm. Do not forget that Pleks is now also turning the corner into decline. The NHL is for 30 year olds and younger, and Bergy knows it with has Hawks experience.

Conclusion: Do not be surprised to see Pleks go at deadline, especially if Habs are out of it, or struggling.

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