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10-15-2013, 06:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Propane Nightmares View Post
It's all about comfort, when a kid picks up a pen/pencil/crayon for the first time they will use the hand that feels more natural, for some reason that happens to be the right hand for a majority of people. I think trying to decipher which is the "right" way to hold a hockey stick based on which hand is dominant is over-thinking things too much. Let the kid pick up a stick and see which way they automatically hold it.

And I agree it's just all about practice. In the past it was considered weird to write with your left hand and kids were literally forced to use the right hand, they got used to it and grew up to be probably just as good writing with that hand than they would have been with the other. Rugby player Jonny Wilkinson is left footed but he practiced kicking with his right foot enough so that he would be able to use it in certain situations to make a good kick, and he scored a world-cup winning kick with that foot.
That is THE way to do it IMO. That's how I did it whenever I sold little kids sticks at my old pro-shop. My last comment about the dominant hand being on top was made because the OP was considering CHANGING the way his kid played to put the dominant hand at the bottom of the stick. He already naturally chose to have has dominant hand on top which is the way I find most people choose.

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