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Originally Posted by orangecrush8 View Post
I'v been reading there is a cover charge for Xfinity on some nights of the week - is this just on weekends? Gonna be at the game on Thursday with my gf and we had plans to go to Xfinity after the game. Any insight?

Also, which is the best bar to hang out at after the game? I've only ever seen NBC Sports Arena on the Flyers broadacasts
Hey if your going to the game, just bring your ticket stub and show it at the door and you get in for free after any home game (Flyers, Eagles, Sixers, Phillies).

As far as best bar, if its a nice night out, i prefer the outdoor areas, we went up the Phoenix game last week and afterwards just outside at one of the external bars, no lines loud music or assault with axe body spray.

Although when we are in the mood to drink and listen to music we prefer the PBR bar, they have the pbr girls riding the mechanical bull, dancing on tables and good music (mostly country). From that bar you can also get outside to a drinking area.

If your a craft beer guy the Victory Beer Garden is your best bet. Otherwise i have no input into any of the other bars. Just know that at night most of the bars turn on dance music and its more of a club feel (partially why i typically prefer hanging at Victory Beer Garden or outside.

PBR seems to be the most popular whenever im there.

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