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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
Good synopsis. The fact that 75% of the team is without a contract next year is a scary proposition. What if this poor play continues to near the trade deadline? What does the team do then? Common sense says make some shrewd trades and start this thing over - the right way.

Is Sather going to be willing to do that? He hasnt shown the willingness to do it in 13 years. I doubt he lets a rebuild be his parting shot to the organization. He has too much pride for that. My point is, this team is coming to a crossroads very quickly. Theres no better time to change the leadership than very, very soon. If Sather stays on and is allowed to deal with the question marks going into next year and beyond, we're doomed for even longer.
I don't think he has the stones to do it. He's old and he's on his way out the door whether he wants to admit it or not, but he wants to win a Cup before he retires. Otherwise his tenure with the Rangers is guaranteed to be a giant black mark on his legacy. The irony is that this team is in an extremely advantageous position if they wanted to "retool" and compete sooner rather than later. This team has a group of young players you could easily build around, and coupled with the prospects who should be ready in the next two years, plus whatever you could recoup via trade, you could probably be pretty close to where we are right now, if not better, within the next two seasons.

I'm certainly not championing a rebuild just yet, but if we're in the dumps come trade deadline, I'll probably pick up a 'blow it up' banner. I love Hank, Cally, Danny G, etc, but those three guys alone could get you a king's ransom at the deadline. Regardless, I'm sure the team will believe they're a shakeup away from going 15-4 down the stretch and will deal for a bunch of "character guys" at the deadline.

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