Thread: Recalled/Assigned: JT Miller and Cam Talbot recalled
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10-15-2013, 09:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
I guess playing on the 3rd/4th line took away his ability to try or engage on the ice? This is the lamest excuse going around here. Its takes an astonishing lack of understanding to give somebody a pass in that situation. Its also ignoring the multitude of times Kreider was given top 6 spots and did jack-squat with it. Maybe Kreider himself is buying into this philosophy -- where its OK to pout when not put in the perfect situation. It takes a mental-midget to embrace that sort of thing.
It's funny, or not so much, that a large amount of your posts position you as some kind of tactical expert and your counter as an imbecile. Clearly, you're an internet tough guy who never stepped foot any sort of playing field. Cause if you did you would know that (and this applies to pros as well) most players of all sports including hockey are not good at all facets of the game. Therefore, it is up to management to put these players in a position to succeed.

Some players, like Pavel Datsyuk, could probably thrive on the back line if they asked him to. However, CK is not one of those players. Anyone who watched him in college and in the WJs know that he has very specific skills and to succeed he needs to be used a certain way. That's the reality. If the Rangers aren't willing to do that he should be moved to a team that will use him correctly.

And you need to chill. You notice you find yourself in a lot of these skirmashes? That's because you are so quick to dismiss the other person that you lose all credibility right away. And in this particular case, you're are just highlighting extreme ignorance.

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