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01-17-2004, 06:37 PM
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Originally Posted by nordique
I'm waiting to see all these dives and cheapshots that Tucker does. Roenick took a charge at Sundin from the blueline, left his feet to hit him, missed and broke Desjardins' arm.

"Questionable shots at worst" - show me a blatant Tucker "cheap shot"? Peca? Clearly not, the NHL even ruled that to be 100% clean. What else ya got?

As far as scoring, going into tonight Toronto and Philadelphia had scored the SAME NUMBER OF GOALS this season (128), so I'm not sure what that means.

The Flyers were up for the last two games. The Leafs weren't. With Kaberle and Klee missing from an already weak defence, and with the Leafs struggling to score ever since Nolan had his eye put out by McKee, the Flyers came through huge. Much props to them, they were awesome.

And as for Roberts...I think this is the first time I've ever seen anyone, from ANY team, say anything like this about him. This is someone who had to retire from the NHL because of back pain and worked his ass off to return. He plays the same type of game as a Tkachuk or Bertuzzi or, before the injuries, Leclair. Ask a Senators fan what they think of Roberts and they'll say he's a hardnosed warrior who plays with his heart, not some cheapshot artist.

As for Primeau, sure, not his finest moment, but so what? Besides, Primeau's twice his size, the captain, and if his finger hurts too much, get off the ice.

So much melodrama...can't we all just get along?
My God the distance Roenick travelled gets longer and longer, and left his feet? You mean as he put his whole body into Sundin and Dejardins and they all fell? They all left their feet.

You didn't dispute the questionable shots by Roenick, but you brought up a hit by Tucker, hmmmmmm. I never said anything about him taking the legs out from underneath another player. A play that everyone knows was intended to hurt Peca. It was within the rules, but classless. That is why people, including you, continue to bring it up. I was referring to stuff he does behind peoples backs or when they're tied up, you know cheap.

As for his dives, you're still waiting to see them??????? Umm tonight he had a couple, last night he had at least one. The one I'm most fond of is when Johnsson, our resident giant, physical goon, bumped him in last years playoffs. He went down in a heap and closed his eyes. As he slid to the corner his stick twirled up his body and over his face. He laid there, seemingly unconscious, and when he realized there was no penalty he got up an skated away. The best part was NOBODY coming to his aid. His own team didn't believe him

Roberta is a b***h. I don't blame him or any other player. I blame Fat Queer, your coach. It's his system. Play dirty, complain, dive, complain. Repeat.

I don't know what yor trying to say about Primeau, but he can play with the thumb, as yer girlz can bear witness, he's not dumb enough to fight and Roberta knew it. That's why she pretended she wanted to fight him.