Thread: Player Discussion: Highest trade value: Plekanec vs. Markov
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10-15-2013, 04:19 PM
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Finally a thread where someone considers trading Plekanec! and Markov! I can't remember the last time we traded someone who still had some considerable value.

In this case I will say Markov because he brings something tangible to the table, and that's a proven PP quarterback. I'd say it's a lot harder for another team to know what they're getting with Plekanec. There's no real guarantee that he can ever get back to a consistent 55-60 points a season. The only thing you can really count on is that he's a good two-way centerman, but who wants to pay 5m a year for that, i'm not really sure.

Plekanec has less question marks health-wise of course, but when you factor in their contracts, I'd say Markov would fetch you a better deal. That means that you might get back more for Plex, but what you get back for Markov will be more manageable.

If Plekanec was traded today, i see more of a Michael Cammalieri-type package in return. Some prospects and some salary coming back that is a little bit iffy. Calgary's thinking at the time was sort of like "ok we're taking on their problem salary, let's unload ours." We totally won that trade, but it could have turned into a headache.

If Markov were traded, it would be more in the way of prospects and picks (and maybe a player also on the last year of his contract) because he's on the last year of a deal. Much more manageable.

I don't think it's the right time to trade either guy, but i think trading Markov at the deadline and Plekanec next year makes a lot of sense.

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