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Originally Posted by HatTrick Swayze View Post
Bravo. Especially RE prospect development. There are a lot of posts saying to play the kids because "they can't be any worse." Putting aside that that is not even necessarily true, that is not how a successful franchise should view playing their young players. The focus should be on - what is going to net the best results long term? Hell even mid-term - end of this season / early next season. Getting shuttled back and forth, being told "you're wait you're not", not getting even enough practice time to establish chemistry with your teammates, etc is just not in the long term interest of these prospects. I don't believe that.

If we had a solid core a la, for example, SJ, that needed an energy/motivation boost - fine. If Miller, Kreider, etc was expected to come up and ride shotgun for a line that could fundamentally play hockey - ya know complete a pass, break out, forecheck - fine. That isn't the case here because the team is lacking 1. talent 2. an identity and 3. any signs of mental strength.
I don't understand posts like this. How can bringing up a prospect from the minors to see what he can do vs NHL level talent during a time when potential top 6 ice time can be given to supposed "top 6 potential players" ruin them? Look if Miller and Krieder are potential top 6 players, now is the time to see that. Not years from now after toiling in the minors beating up on second tier competition. Top athletes rise to the expectations of others- if they have the skill to do so. What kills prospects is a lack of confidence shown in them by the organization, or a lack of skill.

Plus, no one likes to use the Islanders on this board as a example but, by the logic of " the organization must have a strong core in place" the islanders never would have put John Tavarese in the NHL. By that logic, number one draft picks would never get to play the year after they were drafted because obviously the team that picks first in the draft did not have a "good core" if they finished last in the NHL they year before.

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