Thread: Line Combos: Brière on the fourth
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10-15-2013, 05:27 PM
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Originally Posted by TroyM View Post
Yep, good move by MT and good response by Briere so far. Now just see what happens next. Words are one thing, looking forward to seeing him back it up. We know Gomer always had the right thing to say too, haha, though I believe he gave it his all and just had nothing to give. Just hoping and assuming the case will be different with Briere. No reason to assume otherwise yet, will be real interesting to see how his tenure with the Habs plays out though in the end. If we make the playoffs maybe we'll all be huge fans very quickly, that'd be very welcome.
agreed. words only take you so far. have to walk the walk. gomer kinda just gave up, lossed his drive and wasn't doing the things that gave him success in the past.

briere has more to give than gomer. i do believe line combos are critical to his success. much like DD, briere needs some linemates with size, speed and skill for him to be successful. however, those attributes are limited on our team, and something that has hindered our ability to endure in the long run.

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