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Originally Posted by NewHabsArea View Post
Trade Kovalev and your 2nd line prob will be fixed.
Trade <Insert One Of Our Most Valuable Players Here> and your <insert lie>

Sorry but no. You won't get anything spectacular for Kovalev. Infact you won't get anything even equal. So why trade him? He's a useful asset to our team. Kovalev isn't some Richard Zednik who just stops performing and never performs again. I think you people really don't realize just how important Alex Kovalev is to our team.

Without Kovalev, the habs have nothing that even resembles a superstar on their team. They need that one guy that other players (primarily the other teams defense) either back down to, or get beaten by. You don't throw away a player like that. There's no other player on our team who compairs in talent. Come playoff time mark my words, you'll miss Kovalev/Souray/Higgins/Koivu/Downey/Markov/Komisarek guaranteed.

You don't have kovalev you don't have a star forward.
You don't have Souray you don't have a star d-man.
You don't have Higgins you don't have a star youngster.
You don't have Koivu you don't have ANYTHING.
You don't have Downey you don't have enough backup when your teams getting beaten on.

You don't have Markov you don't have a good two-way d-man.
You don't have komisarek you don't have a solid stay at home defensemen
You don't have Bonk there goes a lot of our PK power.
You don't have Pleks he's going to go to another team and play really well the next couple of seasons.

You don't have Lat/Kost you don't even have a rookie.

You lose Streit, you lose a promising defensemen.
You lose Rivet, you lose the heart of our team and a veteran.
You lose Huet, it's over
You lose Abeischer, You bring up Halak/Danis.

You lose Johnson, You'll regret it when he helps another team win the cup.
You lose Perez, you lose young talent and speed. You lose a guy who is going to be HUGE in a few seasons.

Murray can go for all I care. He seems like a chill guy but he's not good for our team.

You lose Begin, you lose a guy who had a bad season start, but could have a great finish. (And he is a good 4th liner, not his fault Murray/Downey support him).

You lose Samsanov, you lose the possibility that he could've been huge for us in the playoffs.

Bottom line: Ryder could bring it back and get a 30g+ season. Right now, doesn't look so good. I say, package Ryder/Ninimaa together.

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