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12-05-2006, 03:25 PM
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I was going to make a post about how i felt about the new layout and site when the season first started, but when i was typing it i was way too negative and i dont think the rangers section needed more neagative posts. Anyways, the coverage on the Rangers have been okay i think, but i feel that they are deffinitly focusing their attention on things besides what the fans really want. I love the fact that they have every game on radio, and i use it alot. I love the fact that they show clips of the videos of everymatch.

What i dont like:
1. Videos take way to long for them to put on their site. Last year, videos were ready within 30 mins to an hour. This year, the next morning.
2. Video editing is crap. No production, just jumbling the videos together. Thats okay for every highlight video, but on their special videos they do no production at all on them.
3. They dont seem to be writing up the same ammount of articles like they did last year. I love reading about hockey, and i really havent seen that many good articles.

Other than that, i love the site and will continue to go to it multiple times a week.

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