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Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
This thread is now the Collberg hatefest apparently.

But yes, he has been disappointing this season. No, his progression hasn't been a problem until this point, and judging him based on his SEL stats alone is useless, but yes, he's been stagnant so far this year. And yes, Wennberg is a better prospect, as Wennberg is awesome.

However, with all due respect, what he did or didn't do during pre-season is pretty much useless when it comes to evaluating his progress, I'm not convinced right now it was even a good idea to bring him over for such a short period of time interrupting his Swedish schedule. And from what the Swedish fans who actually watch him instead of looking at box scores or saying, he returned from camp looking awful and has been progressively better since then.

There's valid reasons to be concerned he's not progressing as we'd like, especially in a best case scenario sort of way, but no, he's not suddenly no longer a serious prospect, even if you can argue our system now has stronger prospects. It's easy to compare him to Lehkonen, who actually is producing against adults, but development is not linear, and a little bit of research shows Swedish prospects have a long history of being developed slowly.

If you are going to obsess over scores the best thing to do is forget about him, and then check back in two years to see if he's worth remembering.
Haven't you heard? It's now cool to give up on prospects before they turn 20. What's funnier is that most of these guys have never actually watched collberg.

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