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10-16-2013, 06:37 AM
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Originally Posted by alkurtz View Post
This is turning into one of the most dumb threads ever.

If anyone thinks that AV is going to be fired, they are out of their minds. This is not a brand new coach like Trottier who was in over his head. This is a very successful, highly respected coach. We could lose 15 games in a row and he would not be fired. Nor should he.

The idea that someone of his stature is panicing is so ridiculous that it is hard to believe anyone would credit it.

Is he frustrated, angry, and as puzzled as the rest of us? Of course. But while all we can do is vent and complain, filling all of these threads with ideas about who should be playing, called up, released, traded, exiled to Siberia, or simply taken out and shot, it is only AV who can do something about it.

Like any coach he is going to put his stamp on this team. That means some guys who have been here might not be here for long. That might mean that players we like might not be AV guys.

We also are going to learn firsthand the kind of coach he is and how he handles the locker room and the behind scenes stuff. Renney had his way. Torts had his way. AV certainly has his way.

This team is underachieving. Whether it is systen, complacency, lack of confidence, lack of effort, lack of talent or the lack of what we need to succeed in todays NHL......only time will tell.

One thing it is not: it is not AVs fault. Lets see how he handles this mess and molds the team in his image.

Fire him? Give me a break. Is he panicing? That is an analysis beyond belief.
As the person who started the whole "Was Vigneault put on notice?" thing, I just want to clarify--I'm not advocating for him to be fired. That would be sheer lunacy.

Still, it is Glen Sather and it is the Rangers, so it wouldn't completely shock me if they brought Vigneault in for a meeting and said, "It's time to start getting some wins." No threats or overt mentions of his job being at risk, but kind of a read-between-the-lines, "Let's go..." kind of thing. It would be stupid to do this, which again makes me seriously wonder if it happened.

It's purely speculation from me. Not even speculation, really. Just throwing a question out there.


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