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Originally Posted by Black Tank View Post
Hi little baby girls, You cannot have ice cream for dinner. If you are going to cry, I'm going to send you to bed right now.

Good, now that we've got that out of the way, maybe some of you can start acting like long term fans who've lived through the real dark years of this franchise and not spoiled little children who cry and moan because winning a Cup is hard. Let me make this clear: this is not one of those really dark periods.

The drafting and organizational depth is better than at any time I can easily recall. Sather has not had a great deal to work with over the years as we've consistently finished in the middle or higher of the pack - there have been no multiple top 5 picks. He's not been afraid of trades, he's changed coaches, resisted the Messier allure, kept the cap under control.

There is no easy option to become great in this modern NHL.

Finally, FFS, gird your loins, clench your buttocks and man the **** up. It's 5 games into a new season with a new coach and a new system. Oh yeah, all those games have been on a West Coast road trip. This isn't a good result but it is absolutely not a disaster.

Let's talk after 20 games.
Just to note: my Ranger memories go back to 1958 and I've been a hardcore fan since about 1962. I've seen some dark, dark times and some horrific hockey.

All that time as a fan doesn't entitle me to say that I can better analyze situations better than younger fans, because it doesn't. I know some young fans on this board give first rate evaluations of the team.

What is does give me a sort of a longer view of things. I'm certainly upset with this team right now, probably even more so than my son (identity hidden) who is a regular poster here.

If a coach is totally incompetent, they should be fired and fired quickly, as was done with Trottier. Emile Francis was always quick to fire a coach who showed they were not ready (for older fans, remember Larry Popein?).

But nobody can say that AV is incompetent. I'm sure that there has been discussion between Sather and AV, but I doubt that it was anything to the extent of saying "you need to start winning now." Probably more like "we need to start winning now, what should we do about it? Sather is, after all, the GM who let Torts run amok, did not seem to make any effort (at least that we fans can see) to reign him in, and then felt the only solution was to fire him.

Dolan, for all his ineptitude, is not George Steinbrenner in his early days, firing managers on a whim. At least not with the Rangers.

AV has a long leash here. He is not Barry Melrose, fired after 10 games. If he tells Sather that there are major problems with this team that need to be addressed, does anyone think Sather will fire him?

The start of this season has been horrendous. But the way I look at it, the season really begins tonight. Though we are still playing on the road, we are essentially at home for practices and for players to settle into their home life routines. That absurd training camp schedule, probably the worst training camp schedule I have ever seen, is over. Our trip out west against some really strong teams, is over. Now we play our regular opponents.

Sounds like AV has gotten the team's attention. Let's hope they begin to respond. If not, more player changes will occur. AV is not going anywhere. As much as sometimes I think that the whole "system change" scenario is overblown, we need to give this team more time.

I don't think that this is an upper echelon team: to slow, to small, not physical enough, not talented enough at forward. But we are not as bad as we seem.

There might be a time when I come to dislike AV and come to the conclusion that he is not a good coach. But after 5 games? No way. Talk to me later in the season.

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