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10-16-2013, 09:03 AM
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Originally Posted by thadd View Post
One thing you need to ask yourself is WHO is used to losing and who is hard to play against?

Let's say you traded Gagner, Acrobello, Eberle, Dubby, Yakupov, our 2014 1st rounder and Justin Schultz and went looking for a tougher 2nd line center, a power forward winger, a starting goalie and a top pairing d-man.

Yeah. I know. That's a helluva shopping list, but that's also a ton of talent to put on the table.

Hall-Hopkins-Power forward
Perron-Tougher center-Hemsky
Joensuu -Gordon- unknown/Jones/something else we get out of the deal(s)
Gazdic-Action/something else we get out of the deal(s)-Brown/Jones

Smid-Legit #1 d-man
Schultz - Belov

Real starting goalie

That's a helluva lot of changes, but it's the direction we need to go in if we want to get in the right direction. We need to shoot for pieces that will make us a team that will:

1: Put the fear of god into other players by wearing them physically
2: Give us a chance to win every night
3: Have the right quality of depth at all positions.

If you ask me, that team I just drew out there looks very powerful. If Mac-T were able to make that happen over the next season, we'd easily be a playoff team for the 14/15 season and after that the Oilers would need to start paying more attention to minor league development and scouting to keep the ball rolling.
well, Gagner won't be traded for at least 2 years because Mact promised him, but there rest that you have listed could, and should be gone; i wouldn't be surprised if Kelfbom is gone, too. it's obvious that this collection of talent isn't winning anything. Smid is probably gone.

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