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10-16-2013, 09:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Bennysflyers16 View Post
I think Brayden would be a great 2nd line center for Jets( been one of our better [players imo), likes to hit a bit more than any Jet Center. I honestly believe tho that Simmer is exactly what the Jets lack, and now is the time to maybe take advantage of Holmer as he may panic as a last ditch effort and with the week break coming, now is the time for him to make a trade to let new players learn system.

What's the general consensus with the Jets board ? A trade to shake the core a bit, as I think they wont fire Noel till its too late. I know the opinion of the general non HF fan, but they seem to be a little more impulsive.
I like Brayden Schenn, and think he would be a real solid add for the Jets. Whether the fit is there positionally with Little and Scheifele already at centre, and Ladd and Kane at LW, I'm not sure.

A heart and soul guy like Simmonds who can add some offense would in all likelihood be a real boost to this group, as they're lacking in the character/effort department.

Coburn may be of fit, the Jets need a top 4 LD as right now we've got Enstrom - Byfuglien as a pairing followed by Bogosian - Trouba, with Bogosian playing his off-wing. He has done fine, all things considered, and him and Trouba have a natural chemistry, but I think the Jets would like him on his natural right side. And Trouba has knocked the door down for a top 4 spot, albeit in a small sample size.

As for Noel, the Jets board is mixed, but plenty are beginning to doubt him. I personally see a huge disconnect here between the coach (Noel) and the players. We are in year 3 here, we've had the supporting cast of players change, but there is a constant with this team; they have zero identity. I haven't a clue which team will show up next game, or what type of effort they will give, or 3 characteristics where I can say "The Jets will do this". It's just not there, in my opinion.

There has also been plenty of roster turnover. Chevy signed his "core" Ladd, Kane, Wheeler, Little, Enstrom, Bogosian, Pavelec all to 5-7 year deals. He has extended a couple others, but the rest have all been brought in/drafted by the Jets. Just 3 players have went untouched by Kevin Cheveldayoff, and that is Byfuglien, Stuart and Thorburn, all already under contract.

To me, this is Kevin Cheveldayoff's team, he signed the core, he drafted Scheifele and Trouba, he acquired and put in place the supporting cast. Noel still hasn't been able to coach it to wins. Noel was given a 1-year extension as this was the final year of his 3-year contract. Without a doubt it is a lame-duck extension so we didn't have a coach on an expiring deal. This is a year in my opinion where it's finally "Cheveldayoff's team" and now Noel has to coach it; so far, he isn't.

Our biggest problem is the players talk and the opposite happens on the ice. This group can't play from the puck-drop like they're engaged and want to win. That's a problem. They have all addressed it via the media, yet nothing has changed off the puck-drop.

Something has to give for this team, sooner than later here if things don't click.

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