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10-16-2013, 12:15 PM
draft the BPA
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Originally Posted by NYROrtsFan View Post
Going by the posts, it looks like people are finally starting to accept the fact that we don't have much offensive talent. Hopefully those same people have realized that the **** they were spewing about Torts holding this team back was laughable. He got the most out of this team and it's a shame we are stuck watching garbage now.

At least with Torts you KNEW we were going to be a solid, hard working team that was going to make the playoffs. Now even that is a wonder.
torts had more issues than just his overall lack of offensive talent. his time had come.

gabi hated him. hank was not a fan. thats pretty clear.

while torts did the best he could with his players and his d first system, he was his own worst enemy. stubborn, snarky, accusatory and emotional. his results just werent good enough.

that ship has pretty much sailed.

we need to get more skilled. no "torts system" to fall back on nor do we want to anymore. the warts are visible now.

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