Thread: Prospect Info: All Prospect Talk Part 2
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10-16-2013, 01:08 PM
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Originally Posted by krazyhawk View Post
I feel he should stay in Finland too.I meant that if the Hawks felt it neccessary to bring him over then he would probably be better off in the AHL rather than the NHL.

Not sure about what the Transfer agreement allows,but if he was released from his contract by Jokerit wouldn't he be free to join any team in Europe or come over here ? If so and the Hawks wanted him over bad enough,I'm sure they could come to some agreement with Jokerit or whoever else thy had to deal with.

Course given the hoops they would have to jump thru,things would have to get pretty bad before the Hawks would seriously consider such a move.I'm sure they would prefer TT do exactly as you said,stay in Finland and get bigger and stronger
I don't see why Jokerit would just release him to another club in Europe. They're not obligated to do so and it most definitely wouldn't be good business. When it comes to NHL, Jokerit will get their 235K dollars when TT's season ends and he officially moves to NA. There's not much else the clubs could agree upon.

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