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10-16-2013, 01:39 PM
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Originally Posted by daGreenGiant View Post
I think Subban would be a bad choice right now. Too immature, and let's face it, he's probably the most selfish player on the team and the most flamboyant, not something I look for in captaincy, even less in this type of market. My choices would be Prust, or Gorges, and give an A to Subban so he learns how to really become a leader to later become a captain in 5-6 years. Pacioretty as well needs have upgraded responsibilities. He's from the next gen of our talents, and a step ahead of all our youngsters so he will be, in a few years, required to be a leader. Markov refused captaincy previously, I doubt he switched his mind.
Please explain your reasoning behind your belief that Subban is immature and selfish. Because that is far from the truth,if anything, Subban is the most selfless guy on the team. For such a vocal guy, he has never publicly criticized a teammate or management even when he may have had a reason to be displeased with them. Instead, he ALWAYS goes out of his way to speak well of his teammates and management, but always criticizes himself even when he doesn't have to.

As for immaturity? Please. I wont even bother defending that because I know you dont have any legitimate reason for saying this. Flamboyance has nothing to do with maturity, especially since the flamboyance helps the team win. This team is graced with several mature young players, and Subban is one of them. No question.

I have always liked Subban on this team, how could I not? But there seemed to be some arrogance in Subban that I disliked, not at all uncommon among athletes, but because of his personality, it made was made more obvious in him than in others.

However, over the last few years, Subban in my opinion has become simply a very confident man. Not arrogant, but confident, and he should be, he is one of the best players in the league, and if he continues at this pace, he will be the best player in the league. He is an elite defenseman at his own end, and an elite offensive-defenseman who puts up a point per game.

I understand the thinking behind the Gorges choices, but as much as I like him, he could be on our bottom pairing in a year or two because of Tinordi and/or Beaulieu, not good for a captain.

Plekanec used to be my choice for captaincy, and he would be a good one in my opinion, but Subban shares all of Plekanec's leadership strengths, but Plekanec doesnt share Subban's leadership strengths.

Subban should be the captain of this team after Gionta is no longer with the team.

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