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Originally Posted by smoneil View Post
Two questions:

First, since you "sky is falling" types now have a thread where you can bash Del Zotto, can you stop doing it in 98% of the rest of the threads on these boards?

Second, just something to think on: Here are the 22 year old stat lines (or, if they had a better one at an earlier age, I went with that) of some of the better offensive d-men in the league. How many would you want kicked to the curb?

Not in the NHL

By the age of 22, Del Zotto had already put up TWO seasons better than most of these guys (9-28-37 and 10-31-41), all while drastically improving his defensive game, and getting yanked around with different partners (he's had some putrid ones) and being shoved to his off side.

The corresponding names to those 22 year old stat lines, by the way, are:

Brian Campbell
Zdeno Chara
Shea Weber
Alex Edler
Dan Boyle
Mark Streit
Keith Yandle
Ryan Suter
Kris Letang
Duncan Keith

I'm not saying MDZ is going to be as good or better than these guys. He might be, he might not be. The point is that you don't panic sell on a 23 year old defenseman who has already accomplished as much as he has. Aside from the elite of the elite, most defensemen need the time to develop. Moving DZ now only ensures that we had him during "development time" and some other team gets to benefit from his prime. It'd be Marc Savard all over again.
Interesting points, I think you should be the lead pitchman to sell teams on Del Zotto before he's traded.

The problem is, in the end he either will somehow turn out as good as these guys or he won't... I think he won't, and because your line of thinking is very legitimate until proven otherwise, the Rangers still have a chance to get something decent for Del Z right now. Wait much longer, and they won't and NYR will be stuck with a dumber, slower version of John-Michael Liles.

The big argument for trading Del Z is, you can pretty easily replace him with any subpar offensive D man. Unless he becomes Duncan Keith (he's too small and jittery to be Chara, Weber, Suter, etc.) there is no real downside to trading him. If you wake up one 3rd pair offensive D from winning the cup you can grab the latest Kaberle, Liles, Leopold and move forward.

The Rangers have needs that are harder to fill, like good 2 way center, hard point shot D, if you can trade Del Z and address that, you'd be nuts to not do so because Duncan Keith had comparable offensive seasons before he became awesome.

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