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10-16-2013, 05:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Appleyard View Post
I understand what you are trying to get at... but the NHL is a league where the average player is approximately 28... and the average age in the NHL has not been below 27 since 1993.

Add to this that most of the guys over 28 have to be pretty valuable players to stick for that long (considering the average 'retirement' age is 27.5-28) like I imagine you may find the guys over 28 actually have a higher chance of being higher up the depth chart... on almost every team.

There is only 1 team in the NHL with an average age under 26, Buffalo, and only an additional 5 under 27.

Our core forwards age (Giroux, Lecav, Hartnell, Voracek, Read, Simmonds, Schenn, Couts, Talbot, Rinaldo, all guys who will probably be here for the foreseeable future) has only three players over 27... out of 9 guys.
That's my point. The guy acted like we were really young and rebuilding or waiting for their potential to show when in reality they're all already at that age where they're contributing and have shown their potential (minus Schenn and Couturier) and that the fringe guys lower that average age a lot.

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