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10-16-2013, 05:01 PM
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I Love Subban, and the guy leads by his play on the ice, but you guys are crazy if you think he'll given the C when Gionta is gone, wtv we agree with it or not, some ppl find Subban annoying, not hate, not dislike, just annoying, specially the low key guys like Plekanec. management and the coaching staff seemed to get annoyed by it, by the way MT talks about how he wants Subban to be a better teammate. That along with how he complains to the refs so much, and is knowing as a big yapper on the ice, zero chance he gets the C next year. With that said, like I said, Subban is a leader, great teammate and I think when he is older, in his 30's, when he'll likely have more control of a dressing room, I think he'll for sure have a letter on his jersey.

As for who gets the C next year, most are going to hate it, but it's clearly going to be Josh Gorges, MT almost looks to him more so than Gionta in the dressing room, remember during Ch24 last year during an Int, MT went straight to him to talk about how the guys were playing. Also he is the guy that stepped up and took Gallagher into his home when none of the other guys wanted it, heck he even has Gallagher living with him this year even tho he just got married, and with the way Bergevin and MT talk about character, no way Gorges isn't getting that C.

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