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Originally Posted by Fleury4ever View Post
Interesting points, I think you should be the lead pitchman to sell teams on Del Zotto before he's traded.

The problem is, in the end he either will somehow turn out as good as these guys or he won't... I think he won't, and because your line of thinking is very legitimate until proven otherwise, the Rangers still have a chance to get something decent for Del Z right now. Wait much longer, and they won't and NYR will be stuck with a dumber, slower version of John-Michael Liles.
Exactly. Savard will never be more than a 40ish point center. I mean, that's all he's scored by the age of 22, so he is what he is, amiright? And hell, we can pawn him off on some sucker of a team and get someone who will just DOMINATE, like Jamie Lundmark! Imagine how good we'd be!

The big argument for trading Del Z is, you can pretty easily replace him with any subpar offensive D man. Unless he becomes Duncan Keith (he's too small and jittery to be Chara, Weber, Suter, etc.) there is no real downside to trading him. If you wake up one 3rd pair offensive D from winning the cup you can grab the latest Kaberle, Liles, Leopold and move forward.
That's a pretty damned stupid argument. If Del Zotto is "pretty easy" to replace, then perhaps you can inform me how many 40 point defensemen this team has had over the last, oh 20 years. You go ahead. I'll wait.

The Rangers have needs that are harder to fill, like good 2 way center, hard point shot D, if you can trade Del Z and address that, you'd be nuts to not do so because Duncan Keith had comparable offensive seasons before he became awesome.
Yeah, we do need a good two-way center, particularly since we traded two of them away idiotically (something else I was mocked for when I said it would hurt the team). I agree that we need a shot from the point, but those are tougher to come by and they don't always work out so well (Kotalik, anyone?).

Again, you folks want to believe the sky is falling. It's not. A player is developing. It takes time. Frankly, your entire argument is based on a fear that a 23 year old PMD will never get any better than he is today. Even if that were true (which would fly in the face of pretty much all trends in player development, as I mentioned earlier), we would still have a player who has been the ONLY consistently successful offensive defenseman on this team since Leetch was sent packing--and that isn't from a lack of trying. Slats has brought a parade of offense-first D through this roster. MDZ is the only one to do anything of note.

Also, congratulations. Your little panic session has officially made the trade board even more unreadable than it normally is. There are trade threads from fans of half the teams in the league offering garbage and half a bologna sandwich for a player who has often been one of our best defensemen.

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