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10-16-2013, 05:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Yeah, basically what I'm stating. If we're going to use a swarm system we have to do a much better job of containing passing lanes.
tbh the players on this club are barely used to covering for backchecks so the learning curve on this is more than would typically be the case. A club with players used to spotting open men and that were using vision/communication all the time to identify where opponents are does better with swarm.

I can't say with confidence that even LaBarbera knew Joel Ward was parked in a dangerous area. Shultz knew it but I don't think he said anything. No communication of that had gone on from viewing sequence. To be fair though it was afairc the last seconds of a 4 on 3 so some atypical confusion understandable.
The swarm system is a bad idea for THIS team ! Here's why : At this level of hockey players need to do things on instinct and impulse, With the Swarm system you are asking players to change something they have been doing since 10 years old. This change is causing the players to take an extra split second to think, In the NHL there is not much time to think , it has to be action/reaction. Now, this system may work well with an older, more experienced team, however most of our core players are still feeling their way into the league. It's asking a lot of these players to learn the NHL game and a new/unusual system. This is a Colossal mistake on Eakins part.

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