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10-16-2013, 09:00 PM
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Originally Posted by mandiblesofdoom View Post
He's not playing tonight? They look really good. Maybe it's just the Caps, but, the power play looks like an actual power play. The points don't fumble the puck every time they get it, etc.
He has the flu. The Caps are not even close to the level of the teams we've played so far. I'm happy for how well they are playing, but I'm keeping my optimism cautious for now.

Incidentally, while I like Moore--the GDT is a prime example of why some of us get on others for hating MDZ irrationally. Within seconds of Moore's goal (which was beautiful), no fewer than 5 posters (most of whom you can probably guess without even looking) made the goal all about DZ, and how Moore is so much better and that goal proves it. Again--I actually like Moore--but that was only his 4th goal in more than 100 NHL games. Michael "can't shoot" Del Zotto has 20 more goals and nearly 100 more points than Moore, and they are the same age. In other words, it was a pretty goal, but the fact that people think that makes him better than DZ shows the ridiculous bias among a certain crowd on here.

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