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10-16-2013, 09:27 PM
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Originally Posted by OiledUp View Post
Yep, your top players have to be your top players, if they aren't their TOI needs to be cut until they are. Tbh we haven't seen much of tough guy Eakins accountability thus far in terms of cutting ice time and scratching underperformers.

The good thing with our horrific goaltending is that the mental lapses and low percentage plays of our top talents is being brutally exposed. Hard for a guy like Hall to pretend he's arrived as a player when he's directly causing several goals against with clumsy plays.
Same goes for J.Schultz pathetic defense, RNHs sloppy puck management and D zone coverage, Ebs lackluster dangles, Yaks unfocused positioning and shooting.

We'll likely get better when it comes to the win column, as bad as our goalie tandem is there's no way they'll put up the numbers they are right now and our skill players will get more puck luck eventually, my hope is that the coach is good enough to use these breakdowns to actually teach these guys how to become an actual winner in this league, not just a guy who puts up points and makes thte highlite reel from time to time.

Too soon to tell if Eakins got what it takes, doesn't look superb tus far but way early. Especially since this is a very difficult group to coach. So far in their careers they've been to coaches what KFC is to chickens.

Btw. One thing I've never understood is the talk about draft pedigree like it matters. Why? It's a nice little recognition when a player is 18 but as soon as the draft is over it's completely irrelevant. It's all about how you perform on the NHL ice. Being a number 1 or first round pick means absolutely nothing in the NHL. You've proved nothing. You've accomplished nothing. I guess someone should tell our stars that.
Eakins agrees as well:

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