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Originally Posted by J17 Vs Proclamation View Post
Goaltending development is erratic. Established Goaltenders see fluctuations in performance year on year.

At 23 Markstrom is definitely too young to judge with any great accuracy. In my few viewings of him over the past year, i've never been overly impressed, but i'm clueless on Goaltenders. Size and athleticism are clearly there.

Lehtonen took years to establish himself as an upper echeloen #1. Varlamov for all his outstanding raw ability, hasn't translated it into a high end season yet. Price hasn't truely estalished himself as an elite Goalie either IMO. Pavelec hasn't translated raw ability into being an above average NHL goalie. Crawford/Howard took years. Rask, who is abit of an outlier to me (awesome out of the gate) has had 2 years starting. Schneider isn't an established starter yet (He was drafted in 2004!). Bernier isn't an established starter yet. It takes a lot of time and the right environment for a young hyped Goaltender to establish himself.

The only lesson to take from the development of Markstrom is that the "OMG this prospect is sick! Can't wait future stud!" mentality is so flawed. Development of players to the NHL is a slow and difficult process for most, nevermind Goaltenders.

A lot of it is the mental aspect. A goalie can have all the tools (size, agility, etc) but never succeed if his head isn't right. This current environment isn't conducive to a young goaltender's development. However, I will say that having a mentor like Thomas is invaluable considering the circumstances. Timmy has confidence in spades and he seems like the type that doesn't accept excuses easily.

To go back to what I said about Markstrom's confidence in his defense...not so much an excuse for him, but just an observation. I 100% agree he isn't anywhere near the level of Luongo during his time here. Louie figured out how to overcome crap defense, but Markstrom hasn't gotten to that point yet. IMO, I doubt he will, as I think he's the type of goaltender that excels with a defense that is tailored to his playing style. Luongo, on the other hand, is the type of goalie that learns to adapt to whatever defense is put in front of him.

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