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10-16-2013, 11:31 PM
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The fact that you think teams are going to continually take runs at our players is ridiculous. Responding to cheap shots doesn't undo the other teams action. What it does is invite the other team to continue to take shots in a battle of making things even. Having a goon doesn't prevent other teams from making questionable hits. I've seen no proof that 'soft' teams are more likely to be targeted. Players and teams don't want to risk suspension, penalties, or getting a reputation that invites retaliation.

It's literal fact that you don't need to be tough to win games. You don't need to fight, take revenge. You need to score goals, play defense, and dictate the pace of the game. Those stats were not ridiculous. Do you disagree that Chicago wasn't one of the 'softest' teams in the league? Do you disagree that they were the best team in the league last year?

What would you have liked tonight? For us to respond and put the best PP in the league on the ice because someone took a dumb penalty? We won the game and shut the Caps out on their home ice. The arena was silent and fans left in droves before the game ended. That's better revenge than having someone take retaliation and putting our lead at risk. We won the game.

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