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01-17-2004, 11:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Habs
I'm probably the odd man out on this, but I feel Winnipeg is the wrong spot for an NHL team.

They had their chance, they blew it. The league should move on, find another market. It's too small of a market, and a small cap team that will suffer.

I'd rather see Vegas, Seattle or Quebec get a team before Winnipeg.
Hmmm so winnipeg had there chance and blew it....didn`t Quebec blow there chance aswell??? What about Atlanta and Colorado the first time around??? It`s funny that a place like Atlanta would get a 2nd crack at the NHL when the idea of Winnipeg getting another go at it is out of the question.

It is a small market much like the majority of the Canadian teams...but that`s all supposed to change if Bettman/Goodenow get there heads outter the ***** and fix the mess that is the NHL. If the CBA is ever fixed so that all teams can compete than Winnipeg would be a great place for an NHL team.

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