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10-17-2013, 02:14 AM
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The concept of enforcers protecting anybody is completely bunk. The only time they could conceivably protect a star player from shenanigans is after the whistle. The only possible way they could protect a star player during actual play is if they carried that player on their back. Literally, on their back, probably in a padded backpack.

The idea that any of the crappy fighters this team has could have prevented Neal's goonery is just completely hilarious. What were they going to do, throw their own face in front of his elbow? These are ****ing NHL players. The kind of player who throws cheapshots is the kind of player who doesn't give a crap about repercussions. So what if someone fights you? All a player has to do is turtle and wait for the linesmen to pull you apart. It's like, 5 seconds of potential discomfort and a few punches that will do less damage than a blocked shot, if they even connect. Players have to protect themselves first and foremost. Dedicated enforcers who can't do anything else don't do much aside from making the team worse.

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