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Originally Posted by Terry Yake View Post
very interesting stats

it could be, like someone said earlier, that hockey is not usually the first sport for american kids which means that most right handed people who start playing just assume they're supposed to shoot righty in hockey as a result of their right-handedness or because they bat righty in baseball
I think it has a lot to do with the core rotation that becomes second nature by virtue of repetition of the baseball swing, much more so than the semantics of "right handed" and "left handed" shots. I know for myself, as an Aemrican kid, I had already been swinging a bat for 2 or 3 years before I discovered hockey. Right-handed shot (even though I'm a righty) always felt best to me.

I'd love to have my dominant hand on top to take advantage of the increased control and dexterity but it just never works. I tried to learn to shoot left and practiced that way for a while on dry land. It went OK, but still felt a bit weird. Then I tried it on ice, and I literally could not do anything. I just felt off balance and strange.

I think it's because my muscle memory is so biased towards the counter-clockwise core twist that is involved in shooting, passing, etc. right handed.

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