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10-17-2013, 10:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Punxrocknyc19 View Post
that is what usualy happens if the refs call it right...

having said that im glad that the Rangers will miss Kaleta when they play Buffalo at the end of the month, since Kaleta got suspended and will be able to return on Nov 2..
They certainly are not going to call it right the next shift or later in the game. Refs, most of them played, they understand an emotion response to a perceived dirty play right after the action. For the most part they try to keep the game under control from that point on. Having a team play 4 on 4 after the action is the best way to accomplish that.

As far as Kaleta, he's not much different than what Cooke is or used to be, the league policing the game does not stop them from injuring players. The league punishing those who try to serve frontier justice makes it even worse.

Yes things used to get out of hand, they needed to do something. I'm fine with them trying to get rid of staged fights, fine with them suspending players but no matter what they do they should not over penalize a justified emotion response to a dirty play and expect the player who caused the emotion response to change his ways because they suspended him for a couple games. All that does is make that player more effective, they are basically rewarding dirty play.

The NHLPA and the NHL should have worked this whole thing out better. The PA is trying to protect such a small minority of their membership while leaving exposed a much larger portion of the membership.

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