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10-17-2013, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Dagoon44 View Post
Listen guys i know most of you hate me and thats cool we all have an opinion and mine is different then most but here it is..

The Rangers are breed losers .. i know we all love this team but once a guy becomes a Ranger he becomes a fat cat content on making his millions and simply not caring. This goes back 50 yr with this team and other then Messier and Graves name a guy that signed or was traded for and excelled here?

The team has for yrs become whinning lil B$tches with the Refs and not policed themselves. The team 2 yrs ago was the first and will be the last not to be pushed around since the early 90's. And can't argue with the success they had..

Yes Chicago won the cup and barely fought. Boston should have won the cup and fought a ton so whats the point?

Captain Chris was crushed in Calgary and no one did a thing
McD two times took shots to the head and not a thing was done
Staal was almost killed by his own brother nothing was done
Hank has been run into dozens of times and nada
Last night was a great example not a single guy stepped up and did a thing.. Why cause the Rangers are small, finesse and completely not a tough team..
Bickel sure as hell is as good as Faulk and can at least be a guy who would stand up for his team..
Fighting is part of the game and we failed to address it ..
all in the conference and all much tougher

Yes skill wins and we dont have enough skill not to be tough

that is sad but so true..... good teams have a good balance of skill and grit.. Rangers dont have much of neither.. and for some reason the Rangers have signed big guys that dont play close to their size would indicate... its sad and very frusterating why a player that is 6'4 like Pyatt does not play with an edge on a consistent basis.... where is this Pyatt??? i dont know if it is a good thing or a bad thing that the Rangers best hitter is not even 6'.... Pyatt has not been this physical at all as a Ranger...

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