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Originally Posted by domdo345 View Post
To be honest I think Patches has the big man syndrome where, probably his whole career before getting to the NHL, he was the one of the biggest player on the ice and didn't need to protect himself. When he first came in the NHL he was just about to get his head ripped off everytime he touched the puck. I'd say it is the same for many big guys, per exemple Tinordi. When he received the puck form Gorges behind the net versus Calgary he just never protected himself to receive a hit.

At the opposite, players like DD, Brière, St-louis, Pleckanec...etc have learned wayyyy before the NHL to protect themselves. I mean, look at Patches on the Colton Orr hit. He never anticipated to be hit on that play. Sucks because our forward group is much less impressive without him. Sucks big time.
Agreed 100% I remember patches almost getting his head ripped off in the beginning too. I really hate to say this but in the Chara hit if he saw that Chara wasn't going to let up maybe he should have let up himself instead of putting himself in that vulnerable position? Someone brought up a good point last night on TV talking about the Boyle hit. The rule is you are no longer allowed to hit players from behind so players are no longer protecting themselves like they used to.

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