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10-17-2013, 03:07 PM
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Another vote for John's Roast Pork. Hands down the best cheesesteak in the city. Tony Luke's or Sonny's would probably be my #2, but it's not even close to the glory that is JRP.

Originally Posted by driller1 View Post
I totally agree! There used to be a strip club called Wizards under Abners that ran a special where you got a free cheesesteak from Abners when you bought a beer before 4pm on weekdays. Great value. Worked out to be $6 for a beer and cheesesteak and you got to stare at really nasty half naked women. Unfortunately someone got shot in Wizards and they changed the name to something else. But the cheesesteaks were always the highlight.
It's called Atlantis now, and I think they still have the same deal (but I've never been). Not really a big fan of Abner's, other than being able to buy a six-pack along with my cheesesteak.

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