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A long long long time ago,

Native Americans played lacrosse during the warm seasons. Yet when it was cold and there was ice on the ground, lacrosse was not really an option so they created a sport on the ground and... ON ICE!

Theres a lot of crazy stories out there on the topic. Real legendary stories and folk tales.

1 story I recall was how a deity enslaved the land. And that a man came to the rescue to save them. They played a game of hockey kind of. They were asked to poke at a skull on ice and have it slide over across the huge lake to knock over some sticks or something (basically shoot at). The deity had missed. And the man would have too but a gust of wind helped him succeed and free the land.

Legends have it that tribes would play the game among each tribes. Each tribe had a team of dozens of men. Some tribes had women too. And the zone of play would apparently be between tribes, sometimes miles long. And like hockey, the tribes would have to score a skull or something between two poles located in the other tribes center. Idk lol. Imagine doznes of native americans playing this? I think they used wood and bones for skates.

One tribe would win and then kill the loser. And they say that fighting is an issue lol

Pilgrams in the 1700s played it as well on frozen ponds. It was played with wooden sticks and a ball of some kind.

It started to be more organized later on in the 1800s I believe. In Montreal they played the first organized game. And it took off.

Game use to be played with a ball... then they cut it in half, then they made it a disc (puck).

Puck is originated from the word poke. Seriously. To poke at.

NHL and organized hockey started with 7 men, an extra position called rover. Basically wild player. And there was no forward passing. Funny is that Lester Patrick who played Rover, helped abolish the position and forward passing. As well as other things we see today.

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