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Originally Posted by lancer247 View Post
I grew up in S. Philly. I have been to John's a million times. the roast pork is awesome but the cheese steaks are just good.

I eaten at Pat's, Geno's, Shank's, Jim's, John's, the original DiNics, D'Allesandro's, Steve's, Tlk of the Town, Chink's, my good friend growing up was Nicky Lucidonia (Tony Luke's brother). I also worked at butcher.

I know Geno's and Pat's steaks are the best meat. Go to John's ask him not to chop up the meat and try to eat it. Shoe leather!

Geno'& Pat's - best steaks
Di Nic's & Shank's - best roast pork
Tony Luke's - best chicken Italian
Anyone who intends to use the meat without chopping it up will usually have it sliced thinner. Otherwise, if it's going to be chopped, then it can be a little bit thicker. At least that's what some steak shop owners have told me while I was growing up there.

Slightly OT: I no longer live in Philly, so for the last 15 years while living in Southwest Florida, the best cheesesteaks I've had have been the ones I make. I go to a local meat market (Mario's Meats in Fort Myers) where they slice the rib eye perfectly. They even carry Dietz & Watson stuff, so I get my cheese there too. Only issue is rolls. Can be a problem sometimes, but the trick is to order a bunch of Publix deli rolls and then pick them up. This way you don't have to rely on whatever has been sitting out all day getting stale. They will usually be pretty good and to my liking..crisp on the outside, soft on the inside.

Other than that..go home chop of the meat real good on the griddle..carve out a sandwich shape in the meat..pour some water in the meat when it's almost done, put the cheese on top, let the steam melt the cheese in the meat, plop the roll on top for a minute and off ya go. No seasoning! You want salt? Put it on your own steak afterward.

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