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01-18-2004, 05:02 AM
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In the late 70's or early 80's, I'm not sure of exactly when, Montreal had a pretty popular soccer team , I believe called Les Maniques. They had on occasion sold out the Olympic stadium. Ribeiro's father had emigrated from Portugal to play for les Maniques and decided to stay after his playing career. I don't really know if Ribeiro was born here, not that it matters. I had a cousin who followed Midget AAA closely some years ago and he told me about some skinny kid with hair down to his ass who was putting up big numbers but would probably get killed at the next level.
I guess he's managed to survive so far though.

Cotes Des Neiges tough ? I guess every district has a few tough blocks now. My daughter's in NDG in what I consider a nice neighborhood, but some will tell you it's a bad area. I've heard about east end, west end,south shore and north end gangs at times over the years. I've been told to beware of Little Burgundy,Park Extension,St. Henri,The Point, I've heard horror stories about schools in the West Island the last few years. At various times I've been cautionned about the Irish,Italian,Jewish,French,Haitian,Chinese,North African,Vietnamese and Jamaican gangs. I've probably forgotten quite a few, but let's face it, it's a lot to worry about. I'm sure I have a point but I seem to have forgotten what it is. I guess economics is usually the determining factor in how districts get their reputation. I don't mean to suggest that anyone was suggesting anything else. It just seems that tough areas tend to evolve faster than they used to. If property gets devalued enough, someone will buy it up, build condos and yuppify what used to be a tough neighbourhood.

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