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Originally Posted by Ailurophile View Post
Every 23 year old defensemen ever has never hit their ceiling by that age? That seems like a big leap to me. I would bet a million dollars there have been a lot of players who fizzled out by 23 because it was clear they were not going to make it in the NHL or pro hockey. Of course Del Zotto is going to get better. He's shown he is a capable NHL defensemen and thus will continue playing hockey. It's pretty obvious the more you do something the better at it you will get. It's not the question of will DZ get better, again, unless he falls off a cliff that one is obvious. The real question is, HOW MUCH better will Del Zotto get and in my opinion (love it or hate it) he's not going to be the PPQB stud he was drafted to be. If I am wrong, great, but until then onus is on him to prove he is still developing and can take his game to the next level. Sorry for not comprehending your ridiculous claim that no 23 year old in history stopped developing or hit their ceiling.
You didn't comprehend the concept of hyperbole. Yes, I'm sure you could find a few defensemen who topped out at age 23. My point is that it's an oddity (an absurdly rare one at that). You and others assume that it is SO likely that we need to move him now, "before anyone else realizes it." It's an absurd idea.

Again, with the stats you can extrapolate and prorate all day and it changes nothing. Until John Moore plays 150 more games you cannot compare him to a 250 game MDZ fairly or accurately. Maybe Moore got a slower start for X amount of reasons. Maybe if he is given the same minutes and played in similar situations as Michael for the next 150 games he will prove to be better. Comparing stats is disingenous and misleading. We will see.
First, you complained about the stats I posted because Moore didn't have as many games. When I pointed out the huge (and it really was huge) difference in production relative to games played, you changed your stance to the ever popular stats don't matter. Do you intend to change your view every time I point out how misguided your view of the moment is? Also, you do realize that Moore would need to score about 20 goals and a 100 points in those 150 games, right? You certainly seem to have lofty expectations for the kid, particularly considering he's almost 23, and thus likely to never get any better, right?

Moore is a very nice player to have, but he's not even close to unseating Del Zotto. You want proof? Look at the minutes. In a game where Del Zotto wasn't even playing AND where he scored himself a nice goal, AV still gave Moore 3rd pair minutes. He didn't up Moore's minutes to cover for MDZ. He upped the minutes of Staal/Girardi/McD. That should tell you something about what the coach/team thinks about the player.

I like Moore. He's an elite 3rd pair guy with solid 2nd pair upside. That said, he's also got the worst case of Shiny New Toy syndrome that I've seen around here in years.

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