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12-06-2006, 03:55 PM
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A guy made a similiar post to this here:

Not flaming ya, just figured it would give you more advice.

I'll copy my reply in that thread here since you are in the exact situation I was in December last year. I'm 22 and wanted to finally give hockey a shot. I couldn't skate, didn't own a single piece of equipment, but decided it was worth it. I went to public skates in the afternoons during the week at my local rink. I did this because no one was there during this time. I'm in college so I didn't have class at this time, it's tough if you work though. Since barely anyone was there I had run of the ice and didn't care how much of a fool I looked. I just kept practicing over and over on stopping, switching from forward to backwards and back again. Finally I practiced backwards crossovers by going around the circles of the rink. After getting my confidence up, I went to open hockey/stick time. I played for about a month and a half until winter ended. I stopped all spring/summer/fall unfortunately and I just played my first open hockey yesterday. I got my *** handed to me by a bunch of 16-17 year old high school kids, but it's my own fault for not playing during summer. I'm certainly not the most skilled out there, and have absolutely no slap shot (its pretty embarrasing when I try), but I can still play and have fun and that's the most important part. Continually seeing some sort of improvement in your game is very rewarding.

Anyway, keep your head up man. I've had a ball playing, very few people I've met have had any kind of attitude at open hockey everyone just goes to have a good time. It took me about a month of going to free skates about 3 times a week before I had the confidence to go try hockey, and even then it helped having my buddy also playing for the first time. Best of luck to you, I started going to the free skates mid December and was playing hockey in the middle of January. If you're already starting now I'm positive you'll be able to play some hockey this year. Good luck!

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