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12-06-2006, 06:19 PM
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I had a 6-7 year old skate up to me in public skate, turn around and go "Hahaha! You can't skate!??!"

So I threw him into the boards. Just kidding. But really, I did.

Try and go to a public skate earlier in the day if you can (or on lunch break) when no one's there if you're self concious (I was). If you can't, then you gotta suck it up.

Learning on rollerblades would be a big help if you can't skate at all (and as mentioned more private); however if you can skate a bit then don't wait too long before jumping on the ice skates. It's important to work on all aspects of your skating (almost at the same time).

Also, LVIsles, the skates should be fine so long as the blade hasn't been resting on concrete or something for years, or as Ti girl said no rust. If you're worried about it, go get them sharpened. If you haven't skated in a while you will have a harder time realizing they are too dull, like me who tried learning to skate on ice skates that had never been sharpened (was told they were).

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