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01-18-2004, 07:56 AM
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size at the forward position is NOT a prerequisite to winning a Cup, or even being a consistent contender... look at New Jersey. Huge d-men, but the forwards aren't of the massive bruising type (with the exception of one or two guys like Skrlac, etc).

Too much emphasis is put on having big PF players who are mean and can score, but looking at the playoffs it didn't help Vancouver to have Bertuzzi any more than if they'd had another very skilled forward. Play with what you've got, and if one develops in your organisation, GREAT! I think the fascination has clouded people's minds, even most NHL GMs... Montreal spent the entire 90s (with the exception of drafting Saku) searching for that BIG forward who plays hard, has a mean streak, and scores 30-40goals a year... what we ended up with were a collection of big guys with poor coordination who took dumb penalties (Chouinard, Higgins, Ryan, and Stevenson).

Trading for one is an absurd idea, because the value of these players is SO incredibly over-inflated and because the big guys who can score and are mean are incredibly rare. On the hotstove last night, davidson and strachan were both saying that every GM is looking for one, but there aren't 30 out there who can perform as fans expect. Ottawa doens't have one and they are great... nor does NJ... nor does Colorado.

We would become a much poorer team (prospect talent wise and probably NHL wise) if we were to successfully trade for a "true PF".

The success of the team is predicated on Julien creating a gameplan that works well for the people we have on hand, and for the guys that we can bring up from the minors. While i would love to have a 40-50goalscoring HUGE ass playing beside koivu, it won't happen... these threads are becoming a complete re-hash of how we might manage to trade yannick perrault for a PF, or who is one, or why ryder isn't one... etc. Be happy that we have a team that is playing team hockey, that plays tough against everyone even on a bad night (like last night vs. the rangers) and that that chemistry is likely to make us very dangerous in the playoffs.

Size is nothing compared to chemistry... NOTHING. Size doens't win games, scoring more goals than your opponent has been known to do so from time to time... We don't need size, we need consistent performance our grinders and from our scoring lines. If the 3rd and 4th liners step up and play consistently, then we could be the hardest team to beat in the East, maybe the NHL. We need what every other NHL team needs for success, consistency.

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