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10-17-2013, 09:30 PM
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I'm tired of hearing *****ing about the refs simply because it's something the Flyers created themselves. They don't get the benefit of the doubt from the refs because for the better part of the last two years the Flyers have been one of the laziest skating and dumb-penalty taking teams in the league. These aren't all new refs with instructions to "screw over the Flyers". They are refs who are biased because they've watched the Flyers take dumb penalties from being caught out of position or beat.

It's the same reason why Rinaldo (even thoug he does do stupid penalties) gets called more than he should... because he built up that reputation from his debut and if a Ref looks at a play (or the reaction of the opposing player) and is on the fence whether it is a penalty or not the fact that it's Rinaldo puts it over the top into the 'call a penalty' checkbox in their head.

That same type of thing applies to the team. Refs remember (and hell they see it still this year) the Flyers hooking a guy who's about to get past them or interfering with a guy before he can get past them. This team has taken a lot of lazy penalties, continues to take lazy penalties, and will continue to be called for borderline or non-existent penalties that look like another 'typical Flyers lazy penalty' to a ref.

There is no agenda against them.

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